• Project Development

    The engineering company “Tetracon” offers the full range of services necessary at the early stages of any project implementation.

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  • Initial Data and Surveys

    Collecting of initial data for any objects construction or reconstruction includes: land plot reserving, feasibility Study for the land plot selection, technical specifications for connection to utility lines etc.

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  • Project Managment

    irst of all success of investment and construction project depends on the quality of the management organization..

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Project Development

Project Development

The engineering company “Tetracon” offers the full range of services necessary at the early stages of any project implementation. It is common practice that before the Feasibility Study works, there are to be performed works for Scoping Study and Pre-Feasibility Study stages allowing for decision making on the scope of works.

Ones the scope of works is defined our company shall provide a complex of necessary field works, test procedures and laboratory studies necessary for the initial data collection.

The first stage is a stage of consulting at which the Client shall be provided with the professional services in the field of project financing. This stage shall help the Client to define financing for the project.

The main instrument that is to be executed at this stage is the so-called Terms of Reference.

When the acceptable technical decisions were made there shall be carried out the economical evaluation. As a rule the preferred direction for the future technological design can be defined on the basis of technical value, system reliability, economic indicators (e.g. capital, operational) and other factors. At this stage it is possible to perform conceptual design, including preliminary process diagrams, heat and material balance, as well as list of the main equipment. Besides, it is possible to carry out a preliminary cost evaluation.



As a rule Feasibility Study is always a unique work synthesis of specialists in different fields including: process engineers, designers, financiers, economists, lawyers, builders, marketing experts and many others, which ensures the high quality of projects.

Feasibility Study is the important stage of any project elaboration in terms of its financing and implementation. This stage gives the evaluation of investment possibilities and offers possible implementation schemes.

Depending on the rate of difficulty and the project scope the pre-investment stage can be performed in three steps with careful analysis at every step and elaboration of principal pre-design documents. At some branches of industry, mainly, in petrochemical industry this type of works is characterized as FEL-0 or FEL-1, where FEL (Front End Loading) means preliminary project works.  It is widely known that this preliminary works seriously impact the project as a whole and its future operation.

If the preliminary works were performed in insufficient scope the project could face difficulties irrespectively how well there were performed detailed design, construction and management of the project.


Making use of its significant experience specialists of ТТС Engineering directly participate at investment goal setting, establishment of pre-investment study programs, designation of the purpose and capacity of the future object, product or services nomenclature, project localization taking into account principal requirements of the Client.